Sunday, November 27, 2011

It IS possible to lose weight on vacation!

It's possible that I'm a little bit insane. I just returned from a 3 1/2 week long trip to Florida with my which I drove the whole way. Nathan drove out with us but had to fly back for work after a few days, so the trip back...all 2400 miles...was all me! But in between the long, tiring drives..we had an amazing vacation. My mom usually has a habit of baking yummy treats for the grandkids when they come to visit, so I was worried that dieting while there would be impossible. Turns out I was wrong!

My mom did bake once or twice, but the entire time I was there..both my parents did everything they could to help me stay on track and I can't say thank you enough. They kept healthy foods in the house and made me protein shakes left and right. My mom also took me to the gym a few times each week and kept me active by going golfing or with trips to the beach. I even went for my first bike ride in over a decade with my sister Tiffany! I've been afraid to for so long because of my weight. Afraid of embarrassing myself and popping a tire or just looking like a fat girl on a bike. But I did it! I rode 3 miles without stopping and it felt amazing.

Over the 3 weeks I was away, I lost 10 lbs and I was SO proud of myself!! It's funny it seems being home is the hard part. I have to re-adjust all over again to reality. My first workout nearly killed me because of the change in altitude and the dryness of the air. Not to mention I hadn't lifted any weights in 3 weeks (only did cardio in Florida) and so my muscle soreness is off the charts!

Tomorrow is Monday and the holiday is over..the kids will be back in school and Nathan back to work. So hopefully I'll fall right back into my own routine as well. I'm 1 lb. away from being 289...the lowest weight I got to on hcg before I got sick and gained so much of it back. So that puts me down 40 lbs from my highest weight and people actually notice it a bit now! It feels great to see people I haven't seen in a while and hear, "wow you've lost weight!" Let's see what they say a year from now!