Monday, January 4, 2016

Dream job? Yes please!!

Today I got the most unexpected and most amazing news. I am going to be teaching a Zumba class at MY GYM! (The gym I've been taking classes at for 4 years). WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

My mentor, Zumba instructor/personal trainer and good friend, Dee, announced to us recently that she has to cut back on the # of classes she is teaching. This includes her Monday 11:30am Zumba Gold class that I've attended for 2 years now. She was told they would fill in the time slot with something else and I was sad to hear this news.

Then today on my way to her last Monday morning class, she called me. She told me to go to the front desk at the gym when I got there because Melissa (the lady in charge of everything fitness related at the gym) wanted to talk to me about taking over her class. I literally squealed in her ear, poor thing haha. Dee had gone to Melissa and asked what she should tell her class today about the time slot for the future. Melissa was still struggling with what to fill it with. And Dee...being the amazing friend she is...suggested me. She told her that I've been teaching elsewhere and that I've been taking HER class for a long time and the ladies in there know me and like me. I couldn't believe it. Ever since I became a Zumba instructor, my ultimate wish has been to be able to teach at the gym where I fell in love with Zumba fitness. I am so extremely excited that I am finally going to get to do that. Even if it's just once a week!

I'll admit I'm a little nervous about teaching a full hour considering teaching takes so much more energy than just being a participant...but I know I'll adjust. I can't wait to be teaching in a big room (WITH MIRRORS!) and have the music blasting and a room full of people the way Zumba should be :) I love love love Zumba fitness and I am so grateful for this amazing opportunity. I'll still be teaching at Curves as I love it far too much not to, but this will be a great addition to my schedule. Time to work on some new choreo I guess! I start next week! I would absolutely love it if my local friends came :) I promise it will be a blast and I could use the moral support! Hopefully this is just the beginning. I have lots more I want to do in the future :)