Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Season 1 ends

I have to say I'm really proud of myself. That sounds like bragging..and I guess it is. But like my Grandpa Heaton always used to ain't braggin' if you can do it! "Season 1" of my Jillys Losers weight loss competition ended yesterday and I just can't stop smiling. It was just a small group of us this time around, but I feel like I did something good. Not only did it help me to lose another 26 lbs (I'm now down 46 from my heaviest)...but it also helped people I love and people that became new friends to lose weight with me. I'm so proud of them that words can't even express.

I've done Weight Watchers before and Jenny Craig and every other weight loss plan in the book. But nothing I've ever done before had this much success. Ever. After 3 months, I have a close knit group of friends who push me like no one ever has. We weigh in every week and give each other advice and pointers and we talk every day. Everyone is held accountable. There's even a little competitive edge to it that makes us all want to try harder every week. I'm just so happy to be a part of something that has improved my life and my health and that of others as well. There's still such a LONG way to go.

As a group of 9, we lost over 150 lbs in 13 weeks. It's not quite the same as if we were all on the Biggest Loser ranch, but it's still pretty damn good! We're starting "Season 2" on January 1st and I am hoping to get more of my friends and family involved. I have to laugh..that after trying literally every diet in the book..the thing that worked the best is just regular exercise and calorie counting. I guess I've known that my whole life huh?

46 lbs down...134 to go! I'm determined to look sexy as hell at my baby sister's wedding!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Protein Overdose

...or lack thereof. I lost more weight in 2 weeks at my parents house than I did in almost 2 months time at home and's pissing me off. I go to the gym almost daily for at LEAST 90 mins. I eat 16-1700 calories a day..and I still find myself only losing 1.5 lbs a week, if that! My sister Heidi and I have come to the conclusion that my body just has some screwed up super-sensitivity to carbs. And when I don't get enough protein into my doesn't matter how many calories I ate. I won't lose.

Maeli tells me I should be getting in around 180-190g of protein a day (as does every website I've looked at). And it's FREAKING HARD! I got in 105 yesterday...127 the day before. But I'm still struggling with it! In Florida I had both parents helping me immensely by making protein shakes twice a day and always having protein bars on hand. And I was just more careful I guess. Having 8 people in a one floor house tends to make you very conscious about what you eat haha. But I was also a lot more active. Not only did I get in workout time at the gym, but there was always something else going on. Golfing, the beach, bike riding, family name it. At home, I tend to keep to myself more and with the cold, crappy's even less incentive to go anywhere!

So this week, Nathan and I decided to pull out our "Iron Will" selves and really get serious about things. No eating after 7. No eating out (unless it's Subway). No desserts and hopefully LOTS of protein. So we'll see how it goes. Our Jilly's Losers competition ends in a little less than 2 weeks and I'm in 3rd place. So, if I want any chance at moving up in the ranks, I need to work my ass off!! So bring on the protein overdose!