Saturday, September 21, 2013

Biggest Loser Resort - Final Day :(

Today was such a jumble of emotions for me.  I woke up nervous about our weigh-out and about our last chance workout, knowing that it would most likely be the hardest one of the week.  I was also really sad to think that it was my last day here with all these incredible people who have truly become my family.

Our weigh out was at 6:45 and Lisa was doing them.  She was so funny, she covered the InBody (scale/body composition scale thingy) so that we couldn't obsess over the number while standing there for 45 seconds while it did its thing lol.  I had decided before I went in there, however, that I wasn't going to worry about the scale #.  I had put on a few lbs before going in for our initial weigh in on Sunday due to travel, eating out, water weight and clothing, so I knew that wouldn't be a good gauge of my true loss this week.  But here are the really cool stats that DO matter :)

My body fat went from 97.7lbs to 90.8lbs.
My Lean body mass (muscle/bone/skin) went from 140lbs to 142lbs (YAY!)
My BMI went from 34.1 to 33.4
My Percentage of Body Fat went from 41.1% to 39%
My arms got bigger, my legs and trunk got smaller
And my Basal Metabolic Rate (The # of calories I burn in a day just existing) went up by 20 cals/day!

Losing 7lbs of body fat in a week is pretty amazing and I'm proud of it.  I could not have worked any harder than I did.  Amy lost 10 lbs of body fat and I'm SO proud of her!  The best part was when she realized she'd moved from "Obese" to "Overweight" and jumped up screaming "I'M OVERWEIGHT!" hahahaha.  Love that girl.

After breakfast was our last chance workout.  We knew it would be 2 hours long and we knew Lisa and Erin were running it.  Lisa is by far the scariest/toughest trainer here and we knew it was going to be hardcore.  They call it last chance for a reason.

We started out in the pool and just swam laps for 30 minutes.  Most people jogged the length of the pool, but Dayna lent me her goggles so I could swim it.  It felt great to be in my element for a while.  David (my new adopted grandpa) has nicknamed me "fish" lol.  30 minutes of continuous lap swimming doesn't sound like much, but I was jello when I got out.  We then had 10 minutes to change into workout clothes.  That in itself was a workout.  Try getting OUT of wet compression gear (which I swam in) and then INTO dry compression gear while your skin is still wet.  The amount of grunting and groaning coming from our lockerroom was just hilarious.

We headed into the cardio room and each had to pick a machine.  Most of us ended up on ellipticals, bikes or treadmills since we were going to be on one machine for the entire class.  We then did the following circuit...FOUR TIMES.

And when two trainers are watching you the entire push hard.  I nearly went flying off my elliptical.
But as hard as that was, nothing could have prepared me for the very last part of our workout.  We went into the big gym and were instructed to get two 10lb dumbells and a mat.  That's it.  I didn't think it would be too bad until I looked over at what we were going to be doing.

Doing this workout on fresh muscles would have been hard.  Doing it after all we've done this week and after what we'd already done this morning...was just hell.  I got through the chest presses and jump squats okay the first time, but as I started to do my first set of chest flys, 10lbs was proving to be way too much weight.  I expected one of the trainers to bring me some 8lb weights.  Nope.  Instead, Lisa came over and got down next to me and talked me through every single rep.  When it started to get hard, she gave me a little help.  But she did NOT let me quit.  Rows and side lunges were okay, but when I saw "shoulder press" I started to cry.  My shoulders are my weakest muscle group and normally I can only do 5-8lbs and only for a few reps.  Imagine alternating 15 shoulder presses and 25 high knees for THREE MINUTES STRAIGHT.  I was pushing as hard as I could and very literally felt like I could not get my muscles to extend my arms.  Poor Erin couldn't even look at me, she said she would have started crying herself lol.  But Lisa was my savior.  She didn't leave my side.  She kept her hands under my elbows and gave me just enough of a nudge each rep to get me through it until I'd done them all.  I made it through the last two groups and we all collapsed to the floor gasping for air.  And then she said "Ready? We're doing it again."  I about died right there.  This time, she shortened each group to 2 minutes, but it wasn't any easier.  Lisa made sure to come to me everytime one of my harder exercises came up and she got me through.  I loved her more in that moment than I'd loved anyone all week it seemed.  I was on my back on the floor, ready to do my chest flys and I was just sobbing.  I begged her, "Please don't let go" as she held onto my wrists.  She said, "I got you.  You can do this.  Let's go."  And she stayed for every rep.  As we pushed through the hardest sets, Katy Perry's "Roar" came on over the speakers and it just fueled my rage and my determination to get through it.  Needless to say I survived, but it was by far the hardest workout of my entire week.  I was so glad when it was over but I was also SO grateful to Lisa for getting me through what seemed, at first, impossible to me.  It was an amazing accomplishment.

Lunch today was incredile.  Probably my favorite lunch of the week.  They were turkey wraps with turkey bacon and avacado and well as some roasted red pepper soup.  It was just what I needed after such a kill-ya-dead workout.  I'll miss having all my meals prepared for me!  It's nice to know that what I'm eating is good tasting but also completely healthy...and I didn't have to make it! haha

For the first time all week, we got TIME OFF today.  We had 4 hours between lunch and graduation.  Amy and I got showered and then I went to her room to hang out.  We turned Titanic on the tv and both fell asleep haha.  It was a pretty short nap, but it was so very badly needed.  Then our dear, new friend, Melissa came over and we all just hung out in Amy's bed for an hour.  It's amazing how much more we've learned to appreciate our time while being here.  Every minute counts and every minute we had to just breathe...was a gift.  Melissa is just so incredible and I know the three of us will keep in touch.  Sad to be leaving all these incredible people tomorrow.

4pm was graduation time and amazingly enough I didn't cry.  Probably because I'd sweat out all the liquids I had in me lol.  We got to watch the dvd of our week here and Betty gave us all some "I survived" t-shirts and a few gifts. I'm so glad she was the one to send us off through graduation as she has been the biggest part of our week.  Words can't describe how much I'm going to miss having that daily dose of inspiration that she brings by just being there.

I'm so grateful that we get to keep in touch with the staff here after we leave.  I'll need it.  There is no one like them.  I cannot recommend this experience enough.  We did the formal graduation stuff and then just took lots of pictures together.

David and Linda are my new grandparents.  I've adopted them.  Though Linda says she doesn't do babysitting hahaha.  They are the funniest couple ever.  They worked so hard this week and they are truly an example to me and to anyone who meets them.  They are living proof that it is never too late to do something like this.  I love them to pieces and will miss having their influence and humor around.

Dayna is like my baby sister.  She's 22 and got this trip as an amazing gift from her grandmother.  She will be staying here until Mid-December.  She dropped everything in her life and decided to come make herself a priority.  I CANNOT WAIT to see her progress here.  She is motivated and determined and I know she's going to be completely transformed by the end of her stay.  Love love love this beautiful girl.

There were so many other incredible people here, but I don't have all the pictures yet and there's just too much to write!!  But I love each and every one of them and wish them all the very best as they continue their journeys at home.

After some dinner (and some delicious coconut vanilla creme brulee!!!)...

...a few of the girls and I decided to break out of the "ranch" and go for a drive.  It was nice to just get out for a bit and hang out and laugh.  We found that Itasca, IL really is in the middle of nowhere because there's NOTHING to do! haha.  It was still a good time though and I'm glad we finally had the chance to just talk and get to know each other a bit more before we go.

And now the day is over and it's time to pack up and go home.  I miss my hubby and my babies more than I can say.  It's been very hard to be away from them for an entire week, but I know that I'm heading home a better person, a better wife and a better mother.  I will miss all of the people I met here and the things that they taught me, but most of all I will miss my Amy.

I couldn't have asked for a better friend and partner this week.  "Thank you" just doesn't even come close to covering how I feel.  I owe her so much for all she did this week to keep me going when so much of me just wanted to curl up in bed and check out of the experience completely.  She is the most determined person I know and I am so very proud of all she accomplished this week.  I hope she is too.  I love you girl.  Thank you for experiencing this with me.  I am truly a better person because of you.

As Betty told us all week long...

"Life: Limitless, inevitable, fearless and endless."

I'd like to add...."And full of possibilities."  Thank you Biggest Loser Resort Chicago for the hardest, most exhausting and most unforgettable week of my life.  I will never forget you.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Biggest Loser Resort - Day 6!

Today was amazing in so many ways.  I think maybe because it was our last full day of workouts and our last workout with our head trainer, the amazing Betty :)  We've all gotten so close as a group and we're getting sad that it's coming to an end.  It just made us appreciate everything a little bit more today, I think.

We started today with "Smackdown"!  We were so excited to get to do a boxing/kickboxing class.  Unfortunately since this is still a brand new resort, they didn't have the boxing gloves yet for us, so we didn't get to go all out, but it was a lot of fun and a great stress reliever.  Not to mention HARD.  Imagine doing two jabs, a squat, a sidekick and then a burpee.....over and over and over.  The sweat (which is both stylish and free Betty says) flowed freely.  But it was a fun workout for sure.  Lisa, the trainer, does this stuff all the time and used to be a hardcore power lifter as well.  She's TOUGH.  I wouldn't want to run into her in a back alley haha.

After an hour of that, we had breakfast and I had to chuckle a little bit.  Something that all of us have noticed this week after detoxing from our usual that fruit tastes MUCH sweeter.  It's almost like a dessert.  And this morning they served cantaloupe with breakfast.  I hate cantaloupe.  I always have.  Like....seriously hated it.  But I was really hungry and that's what there was, so I decided to take a bite....and then a bunch more until it was gone.  It tasted so much better than I remember it EVER tasting.  Now if only grapefruit could make this same change on my tastebuds!

After breakfast, we went for our morning outdoor workout.  We all knew what it was because they'd told us when we ran on Monday that we'd have to do it again on Friday to see how we compared.  I was really nervous because this time we weren't running it on fresh legs.  I was already sore and exhausted as hell before we even started.  I decided to just make sure that I at least did the same distance that I had on Monday, even if I couldn't jog as much of it.  I barely managed, and holy crap was it hard....but it felt so great to know that even after all I've put my body through this week...I could still crank out almost 6 miles in 90 minutes.  My body can apparently do lots of things that I didn't know it could.  Who knew!  I was the most proud of Amy though.  She was determined to crush her Monday distance and she more than a mile.  That girl LAPPED ME hahaha.  I tried to outrun her when I saw her coming up behind me but she blew past me pretty quick. I want to be like her when I grow up!

Before a delicious lunch of baked chicken and risotto..and some AMAZING potato artichoke soup that I'm trying to get the recipe for...we had a lecture with Lisa.  We got to talk a lot about fitness and workout gear and what to look for in a personal trainer and it was a lot of fun.  She said that when looking for a trainer, you should make sure they can do 3 basic things.  A PROPER squat...a lunge (both knees at 90 degrees) and a full pushup.  Because if a trainer can't lift their own body weight how can they help you lift yours?  Of course we all asked her to demonstrate and got to watch her do 4-5 guy pushups haha.  Man she's impressive.  I also want to be like HER when I grow up haha.

We were supposed to get a zumba workout today, which I had been looking forward to for quite a while.  I was really bummed to hear that the zumba instructor is out of town at a zumba convention of all things.  Betty promised us a fun workout in its place.  This is what it looked like BEFORE we started...

But very quickly, this playground turned into Betty's torture chamber.  We were using the equipment to do pushups and planks and abdominal crunches and dips and running around going up and down the slides.  Holy hell it was HARD!  And there was some poor little girl there with her dad trying not to get run over lol.  I will never look at a playground the same.  But Betty showed us that no matter where you are, you can ALWAYS find a way to get in a workout!  There's no excuse!

Our last workout of the day was our last one with Betty, and while she kicked our butts with some cardio and resistance band intervals, she let us end on the most awesome note....dragging her down the hall by resistance bands.  If you've ever seen Biggest Loser you can probably picture Jillian holding onto some bands that are wrapped around a person's waist and using all her weight and strength to hold them back as they try to run.  Yup...we did that.  Down a really long hall and back.  I think I did a decent job of giving her a run for her money but man was it a muscle burner.  It was SO FUN though!  We got her sweating pretty good by the time we'd all done it.  I'm going to miss her most of all I think.  (Ignore the fact that my tank top was pulled down under my sports bra by the resistance bands lol.  It was definitely a wardrobe malfunction kind of day for me.  I also found out that I'd had my capris on inside out for our playground workout hahaha)

After a nice long stretch, we got to dinner.  This was the one I'd been nervous about all week.  When the dietician called me before my trip, they asked if there's any food I don't like.  I told her seafood, BUT I also told her that I was willing to try anything while I'm here.  I wanted to try  new recipes and new tastes and just open myself to new experiences food wise.  Tonight was salmon night.  Going into the dining hall I was already feeling nauseated from our workouts and knowing I was going to eat fish wasn't helping.  But I made myself take a bite.  And WOW was I surprised.  I wolfed that thing down.  It was so unbelievably good.  So many other people had switched out the salmon for other things tonight, but I'm so glad I just sucked it up and tried it.  I'll have to learn to make it at home.  I'm sure my hubby will love that.  He loves seafood, but I refuse to make it.  Here's to some new dinners when I get home!

After dinner, we were supposed to have a movie night, but no one was really in the mood, so we just sat around for a good hour or so chatting with Mark.  I'm so glad we did that instead.  He is so funny and just easy to talk to.  He has some great stories and I really could just sit and talk with him for hours lol.  You know, if he didn't have a life outside of work that is haha.  Poor guy was so nice to stick around and chat with us for so long.  Just another person I've met this week that I have learned so much from and that I hope to stay in touch with after we've all gone our separate ways.

Tomorrow morning is our weigh-out, followed by our last chance workout.  Kind of in the wrong order, but we all wanted to weigh BEFORE we eat haha.  I'm excited to see the results.  But for now...bedtime!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Biggest Loser Resort...Day 5!

Today was unbelievably hard, but I'm ending it feeling absolutely amazing..both physically and mentally. Well..more mentally than physically (if you're not sore when you're here, you're not doing it right)...but you know what I mean.

The massages last night were wonderful, but we still woke up really sore and extremely tired.  Even with 8 hours of sleep, our bodies still feel like they're running on empty.  We're working out 4-5 hours a day and they're HARD workouts.  Every single one leaves you feeling like you're going to die.  You feel extremely accomplished when you survive them but man...I've never wanted a nap at 7:30 in the morning more than I did today.

We went in for our usual 6am workout with Betty.  We knew that today would suck because we were redoing our crossfit workout from Tuesday and were supposed to try and do better than we had then.  Can I just say that burpees are not any more fun now than they were two days ago.  I was sure I was going to fail miserably, but by some miracle, both Amy and I did more than we did two days ago.  I couldn't believe it. After breakfast we were scheduled to head out to the stadium to do bleachers, which I was dreading due to horrible knees, but luckily there was a lightening storm and we stayed in.  I say luckily, but it really wasn't lucky at all.  They kicked our butts even harder than I think they would have haha.

We were split into two groups.  One group went with Betty to the cardio room (with the treadmills, stairclimbers, etc) and the other group went with Mark (season 10) into the bigger room where he had set up 10 different stations that we had to do for 45 seconds each with 15 second breaks between.  These stations included things such as jump rope, rope pulls (not sure that's their technical name but if you watch the show, they hold two ends of a HUGE rope in their hands and wave them while in a squat.  Worst exercise ever behind a burpee) smash balls, wall balls, squats and lots of other fun stuff.  Including this lovely thing that Amy managed to do!!  She was basically going sideways down the ladder in a plank.  I had to do mine against the wall.

We would spend 10 minutes in one room and then switch until we'd switched 5 times.  It was TOUGH.  My first time in the cardio room I decided to be brave and chose the rowing machine.  Betty, being the lovely person that she is, gave me a goal for distance and made me STAY IN THE ROOM until I had reached it...even after everyone was done with their 10 minutes.  She's a brute but she makes me want to work hard!  Each room was hard as hell and each time I wanted to break down and cry, but we survived.  Mark's room also included some lower level box jumps, but at the end of the class, Amy and I decided to try a higher box and we both did it.  Our first box jumps ever.  We were so proud of yourselves!!!

Needless to say, we were very sweaty after all of that.  Notice the sweat line halfway down my shirt hahaha.  But as Betty likes to say... "Sweat is in style...and it's free!"

After all the hard work, Betty let us have some fun.  We split into teams and had to build a house using only 20 pieces of equipment.  My group's house won.  Helen was our exercise "Budda" sitting inside with our exercise bike in the garage on the side haha.

We were all starving at this point and got to have this amazing, but very unique lunch.  It was steak and feta pizza on gluten free pizza crust tortilla kind of things I believe.  It had a bit too much feta for MY liking but it was incredible.

We had some great lectures today surrounding our meals.  Mostly on reading labels and planning meals, but we had a really great one about planning our futures and setting some realistic goals for ourselves once we go home.  My goal(s) are to restrict myself to 1-2 treat meals a week (instead of letting it turn into 3-4 days of bad eating) and keeping my calories UNDER 1500 a day.  I had lowered my calories to 1300-1400 a few months ago and have found that by the end of the day I'm so hungry I binge and end up over 2000 easy.  So I decided to raise my number a bit and see if that helps.  Amy's going to help keep me in check!  It will really help that BLR is sending us home with a lot of awesome new recipes.  And even some for desserts! (such as the amazing chocolate creme pie we had today.

Our afternoon workouts were really tough.  At 2pm we had "Cinco Speed".  Everyone picks a cardio machine to use for the entire class which consisted of this...  warmup...2 minutes hard as you can...3 mins recovery speed...3 fast, 2 recovery, 4 fast, 1 recovery, 5 fast....and then the same thing backwards.  Holy crap.  It was so hard.  And just when I thought I was dying, she singled ME OUT.  Just me.  And made me raise my arms over my head and just use my legs as hard and fast as I possibly could for a whole minute.  (I was on the elliptical).  It was hard, but I managed it...and even did it again on my own for the very last 30 seconds.

Our last workout of the day was in the pool with the same trainer who'd done the 2pm. Her name was Anne-Marie.  She was super tough, but made sure to let us have fun in the water too.  We did some laps and some core work and then we got to play water football.  It was a blast.  Everyone was tackling each other and we got to forget that we were in pain for a while.  This group is so much fun and I'm going to miss them all when we leave!

The best part of the night was after dinner when we got the resort's bowling alley all to ourselves!!!  Most everyone said they were too sore to go and didn't want to go, but Amy and I convinced about half of them to come.  It turned out to be a lot of fun.  The guy running the alley said that most of the time no one from BLR ever shows up and he was surprised to see us haha.  I'm glad we went though.  It was a nice break.

Just to wrap things up I need to say a bit more about/to Amy.  I know I spent an hour or so saying most of this stuff to her today but I need to say it again.  This girl is such a perfectionist that when she works out on one of the hardest machines in the gym for 10 minutes she thinks she's not done well enough.  No one else challenges themselves like that.  Everyone else tends to pick the easier machines (myself included some of the time) when we know that we're going to be on it for a while.  But not Amy.  She goes balls to the wall.  EVERY TIME.  When I think I'm going to collapse, she tells me "JUST ONE MORE!"  When I feel like I can't keep up with everyone else she gets me refocused on  my OWN efforts and gets me to just push harder.  She's the first one to try something new and won't stop until she does it.  She sweats more and goes longer than anyone else here.  Anyone.  This girl is a role model to me and these things are the reason I brought her with me this week.  I could not have gotten through half these workouts without her in front of me motivating me to take a breath and just keep moving.  I am beyond proud of her accomplishments this week and am grateful for the things that she has helped ME to accomplish.  I don't know what I'd do without her and I'm so glad to know that I'll always have a friend like her to push me in the future.  Love you girl.  Be proud of yourself.  Own your accomplishments and celebrate them.  YOU...ARE...TEAM...AWESOME!!!

Biggest Loser Resort - Day 4

Wednesday was like an oreo cookie with UGHHHHH in the middle of two delicious cookies.

I did NOT get enough sleep Tuesday night, though I did sleep a bit more soundly.  But since Wednesday morning's activities are designed to give us a bit of a break from Tuesdays torture, we got an extra 15 minutes in bed.  YES!  At 6:15 we met Betty for some meditative stretching.  I was thinking yoga (which is nice but still hard).  But nope.  She had us lie down on the pitch black dark...and stretch for AN HOUR.  It was amazing and much needed.

After a filling, but kinda meh (in  my opinion) breakfast of oatmeal with chia seeds and turkey sausage...we headed for the vans for our daily outdoor activity.  Today, I was actually really excited about that.  We went to a diffferent reserve and did a 3/4 mile walk around this gorgeous pond, just talking with one another.

Then we got to play KICKBALL. How awesome is that?  We joined for the morning by Jerry and Estella from season 7 and they were so awesome!  They still look absolutely incredible.  Poor Jerry had even been hit by a car on his bike this past Monday and still played kickball with  us.  I haven't played since I was a kid.  It was competitive! hahaha.  Our good friend Melissa kept catching the damn ball to get us out though. That girl is a serious athlete.  She pushes me to go harder every day.  Love her.

After kickball we walked another loop around the pond and called it a morning.  It really was a nice break from all the hardcore ass kicking stuff we'd been doing the day before.

We headed back to the resort for more lectures.  Emotional Eating and Intuitive eating were both covered today and I needed them both.  Emotional eating is my biggest obstacle on my journey at the moment.  I struggle with it every day.  I can workout 6 days a week, but my emotional eating easily undoes everything in a meal or two of I'm not careful.  The dieticians and life coach here are SO great and have really helped me to feel like I can go home and work on this with some success.

We also had a great motivational lecture by Olivia and Hannah this morning.  It's amazing to me to see tears in their eyes as they speak about things they've said a million times.  It's always just so sincere and heart felt and I love every minute that I get to spend learning from them. (I got video clips but they don't seem to want to upload on my blog.  I'll have to find a way to share them later I guess.)

We had a delicious lunch off asian chicken wraps and I got to sit with Hannah for what was really the first time and just talk to her.  She's so fun and so real and open.  I love that they're REAL people.  Not just some camera character that they put on.

After lunch and lecture were over, I had the amazing opportunity to be interviewed on camera by Olivia for their website.   It's a company they run together and kind of how I started following them online in the first place. They put up a lot of inspirational or just fun silly videos and talk about all sorts of things.  I don't know when my clip will be put up, but it was a really neat experience to get to talk about my journey and my Jilly's Losers group on camera....where thousands of people are going to see it.  Scary too!!  But I can't wait to see it.

Hannah, Olivia and Ben headed to the airport and the rest of us headed off to workouts.  It was sad to see them go, but I'm so eternally grateful for the opportunity they gave me this week.  I will never forget it.

Our afternoon workouts were really tough.  We did a 35 minute class of various exercises.

...and then a 50 minute class of dumbells.  Can I just tell you how UNBELIEVABLY SORE we're going to be for the next two days?  We were burning out one muscle at a time, 45 reps each time and it was HARD!!!!

But then came dinner and the best part of the day (usually)....dessert.  It's amazing what you can  make with greek yogurt. This was like cheesecake heaven!

But even better than dessert was when Amy and I headed to the spa for our girls night.  Amy was sweet enough to treat me to a "Head to Toe" body treatment.  Massages, facials and pedicures.  The massages were the most heavenly, orgasmic thing ever.  We needed them so badly.  Stanley  is my new best friend.  Now if only I could do that every day!  I'd never had a facial before but it was really nice...and my feet definitely look and feel better now!  It will help me survive the rest of the week for sure and I'm so thankful that Amy gave us both that gift.

Because's back to hell.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Biggest Loser Resort - Day 3! (less exclamation points today for a reason)

Today I hit my wall.  Or at least I hope that's what it was because if this gets harder than today, I'm in trouble.

We were in the gym at 6am once again today.  Before we even got started, Hannah and Olivia were using foam rollers because they were so sore. (Amy has mad sneaky phone camera skills hahaha) It made me wish I knew how to use one cause man was I hurting.  I put on a pretty face for a pic with Amy though!

On the schedule it said "Dynamic stretching"...which apparently means, "10 minutes of stretching and then a really really hard crossfit workout."  I've never done crossfit before but from what I've seen from friends on FB, it's really hardcore and it has ALWAYS intimidated me.  When Betty mentioned we were doing it today I wanted to run for the door.  She had us warm up with some kettlebell swings (basically squats while swinging a weight), smash ball throws (giant weighted ball that we had to throw over our heads against the wall and squat when we caught it), burpees (just google it...they suck) and V-ups (lying on your back outstretched then bringing both arms and both legs up in a V.  The warmup wasn't too bad, but then she informed us that our crossfit workout was going to be AMRAP.  This means "As many reps as possible".  She put a timer clock at 20 minutes and told us that we were to do rotations of15 of each of our warmup exercises...and do as many circuits of that as possible in the 20 minutes.  HOLY CRAP.  And "crap" is not what I want to type.  It doesn't cover it.  After 20 minutes of that we were all on the floor dying.  But the point of only doing 20 mins was to show us that if that's all the time you have back in the real can still get in a good hard workout.

After the crossfit, I didn't think the day could get much harder.  I was so unbelievably wrong.  We ate breakfast and then hopped in the vans for a 20 minute ride to our "outdoor workout".  We had an awesome talk with Olivia the whole way there.  I can't get enough of that.  She really is just so amazing to talk to.  We learned all sorts of things...from her diet and her likes and dislikes to secrets of the Biggest Loser show and things that happened off camera and so many other amazing stories.  

After a 20 minute drive, we arrived at an outdoor sports arena.  Artificial football turf.  It didn't look too intimidating.

I had no idea the pure hell that awaited us there.  Betty had us grab a bunch of those weighted smashballs and bring them out to the field.  We were put into partnerships and I was with Amy.  Our first "exercise" consisted of one partner squatting to pick up the ball...throwing it as far as they could (ours was 10 lbs) and then running after it, repeating that all the way down the 100 yd field and back.  While they were doing that, the other person had to do sprints to the 50 yard line back and forth until their partner finished.  Then we switched.  We each had to go TWICE.  We were the second to last ones done so we got the least amount of recovery time and we were already dying by this point.  

And then she told us the second exercise.  I wanted to cry before we even started.  One partner had to hold this heavy ass ball in their hands and do lunges down the field while twisting the ball from side to side.  And then on the way back, they had to hold this heavy ass ball over their heads (high...or we got yelled at) and RUN all the way back.  While doing this, the other partner had to do side shuffles to the 50 yard line and back over and over until their partner finished.  This is where things got ugly.  Amy and I both got through our first round without completely losing it, but as we started our second rounds our bodies hit their walls and they both revolted.  Amy ran off the field to throw up and I had the first mild asthma attack that I've had in probably a year.  And of course because I'm awesome and I workout 6 days a week and I don't need it...I didn't bring my inhaler.  Betty walked me off the field and helped me regain my breath, get some water and then Amy and I got right back out there.  But we still had one more exercise to go.

For the last one, we were put into two groups of 9.  Each person was given an exercise to do and we were to do them like a relay.  While one person was going, everyone else had to stand on the endline and do jumping jacks and mountain climbers.  Wanting to make up for my embarasing asthma issue, I volunteered for one of the hardest of the exercises...the army crawl.  I was supposed to be on my elbows and toes in a plank...and crawl like that to the 50 yard line and then get up and run the rest of the way there and back.  Sure no problem.  Yeah....I made it 10 yds and had to get Olivia to take my place.  Army crawls are hard enough, but add in the artificial turf stabbing your arms as you go and it's infinitely harder.  I still have turf burns and probably will for a day or two.  

Betty informed us once we were all done that we had made it through the hardest workout of the week. Hard is not the word.  I have never worked out that hard in my whole life and probably never will again.  But it was an amazing experience nonetheless.  I forgot to add that Betty was jumping on peoples backs while they ran.  Amy carried her an entire 50 yds.  It was amazing.  She avoided mine today but I made her promise to do it at least once this week!!  

This is a picture of what was going on on the field during our relay exercise.  Olivia's face says it all.

We finally headed back to the resort and went to our first lecture.  We have 3 a day, so I won't go into all the things I learned, but there was one very memorable moment during that first lecture.  Stephanie (the life coach) had us all write down a goal for the week and talk about those.  It was great to hear what everyone is striving for.  And then she had us all write down something we had already accomplished this week.  So I told them something that Betty told me while she was helping to calm my asthma.  I had told her that I was so unbelievably embarrassed because I workout 6 days a week.  I shouldn't have to stop something because of something like this!  I was in tears and hyperventilating and I was just humiliated.  And then she said to me, "Jill, think about the reason your body is doing this right now.  It's because you pushed it so hard!  You made yourself work harder than your body is used to and that isn't embarassing.  That is an accomplishment.  Be proud of that."  I cried as I told everyone this story.  It was just so true.  I felt so proud of myself for what I had accomplished and especially for going back out there.  I didn't quit.  I took a breath and went right back out there with everyone else.  

At 2pm we headed back to the gym for a 35 minute cardio circuit class.  Normally...that would be a cakewalk for me.  I do at least an hour of cardio every single day back home.  But when you're doing it after the morning we'd already's HARD!  We had to do 5 minutes on 7 different cardio machines with only 45 seconds in between to switch machines.  And of course our trainer for this class, Symphony, would make us increase our speed and resistance as those 5 minutes went on.  We were all panting and dripping and it was just....hard.  As if that weren't enough, we had 20 minutes to go change into our swimsuits and then it was time for pool circuits.  Symphony taught this class as well and this girl is BRUTAL.  After 50 minutes of that, I was feeling extremely nauseous and barely made it back to my room for a 5 minute shower before our last lecture.

As we waited for the lecture to start, Amy was kind enough to take the following picture.

When the dietician came in, she even came over to ask if I was okay and snuck me some saltines to help calm my stomach.  I've never seen people so jealous of crackers haha.  But between that, some advil from my friend Helen and a bit of dinner (that I had to force myself to eat)...I felt much better.

Dinner tonight was amazing.  Once again I forgot to take a picture of the food (steak with this incredible pablano sauce) and some sauteed veggies.  I did, however, remember to get pictures of my new friends!

These aren't all of them, but most.  They are some off the most amazing people I've ever met.  Helen works on a cruise ship where her schedule is 4 months on the boat and 2 months of time off.  She's hiked Mount Kilamanjaro and is running a half marathon THIS SUNDAY...after all this!  She's one tough lady.  Melissa has 7 kids, two of whom are adopted twins that she had fostered from a drug addict mother.  Her husband took over for the week so she could have some time for herself.  She is AWESOME.  Dana is staying until mid-December!!!  She dropped everything in her life and decided it was time to make a change.  She's 24 and probably has a good 150 lbs to lose and my god is she determined to do it.  I can't imagine doing this for 3 months straight.  Everyone has their incredible stories and I really hope to keep in touch with them after this week is over.

After dinner, we got dessert...which we do every night, but this time it was seriously orgasmic.  No joke.  I'm not even 100% sure what each of the layers were, but it was like a chocolate mousse kind of thing on the bottom with sweetened greek yogurt in the middle and strawberries and pineapple on top.  It was only about 130 calories and I took 20 minutes to eat it because I was going to savor EVERY BITE.  It's amazing how much you can eat and still be under 1500 calories in a day!

After dinner was all over with, Hannah and Olivia did a Q&A session with us.  They said that normally they just do a motivational speech, but with such a small intimate group they just wanted to chat.  So we got to ask anything and everything and it was a very enlightening experience.  I did get some of it on video, but it came out upside down when I put it in my computer so I'll have to fix it when I get back to Utah and share it then.  Even Ben answered some questions.  It was so great and I'm so grateful they took the time to do that for us.

And now it's time to crash and pass out (I hope).  I had a really hard time falling asleep last night even though I was completely exhausted.  Luckily we get an extra 15 minutes of sleep tomorrow before yoga at 6:15am. I'm going to need it.  Tomorrow is supposed to be fun though.  We'll see if their definition of fun matches mine.  Goodnight!!