Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to "normal"...

*deep sigh*  Ahhh, life is FINALLY getting back to normal.  We're in our new house (YAY!) and have cleaned out and re-rented our old apartment.  Life is good and less stressful and I can finally get back into a normal routine.

During the last 3 weeks, life has been so chaotic between closing on our new house, packing, moving, decorating/painting, unpacking and everything else going on...that I pretty much went completely off the rails of the lifestyle I've been living for the past year and a half.  I had no time for the gym for nearly two weeks and our eating was done wherever we could grab a bite, whenever we could grab it.  Not healthy.  Jilly's Losers season 7 had literally JUST started (I didn't want everyone to have to take a break from it just because I was busy) and I had to excuse myself from the first two weigh-ins due to all the craziness.  I didn't realize how much accountability had been keeping me in line until I wasn't weighing in.  On the one hand it was nice because I didn't feel pressure to be perfect and I didn't feel guilty when I ate something I shouldn't.  But at the same time....I didn't feel pressure and I didn't feel guilty.  That was badddddd.

That group of mine is how I lost 100 lbs.  That group is what's going to help me lose the rest.  And if I don't weigh in EVERY week...I'll never get there.  In a way it's frustrating.  I start to think I'm all done changing and I have the hang of this and I don't need help anymore....and then life throws a curveball and I realize just how much I still rely on the help and motivation of other people!  I think I will always need that support and that accountability and I'm grateful that I have it.

Last week I finally found the time for a couple classes at the gym and it felt AMAZING.  I worked hard and pushed myself and I was grateful that it didn't feel like my first time all over again.  I didn't think I would miss working out so much but it really is an addiction and one that I'm grateful to have. Now if only I could break my addiction to yummy fatty foods and sugar.  But hey...I gotta have something to burn off right?

Zumba is still my favorite workout by far...but the class that I usually attend was starting to become a little too easy.  So I've started to kick things up a notch again.  On Tuesdays, I've started going to a step class instead of zumba and it KICKS MY ASS.  Seriously.  I only use one riser under the step because my knees won't have it any higher, but man.  It's tough.  Last week our instructor broke up the sets with some strength training as well and I thought I was going to die.  But when I felt that...I was GRATEFUL!  It'd been a while since I had a workout that felt like it was going to kill me and I know that's when I'm progressing.  Working out should be hard.  And when it's not...Plateau time baby!

I've also started attending the Saturday zumba class which is infinitely harder than my Monday and Thursday class.  My weekday zumba class is more for the older population and I absolutely love it...but it's gotten so much easier that I've had to start using weights during every song and jumping during the moves just to get my heart rate up.  So on Saturdays I get to experience a different teacher every week and the routines are 10 times harder so that I don't have to kick them up myself.  It's great!  Now if only I could get myself back into the weight room.  I haven't lifted weights in a month or two (other than the small amounts of toning we do in my classes) and I know I need to.  But I don't wannnnnnnnnnnnnnna! :) feels good to be Monday.  That sounds weird to say, but I feel like it's the first week I've had in a while where it will be a normal week and where I'll have more control over things.  It's time to burn off the 8 lbs I've gained over the last month.  It shouldn't be too hard right?  I've done it before.  I can do this.  I don't need any help.  Oh wait....